Accepted papers

  • Jan Zibuschka and Lothar Fritsch
    Mapping Identity Management in Data Lakes
  • Radovan Semančík
    Complexities of Identity Provenance Metadata
  • Giampaolo Bella, Pietro Biondi, Gianpiero Costantino, Ilaria Matteucci and Mirco Marchetti
    Towards the COSCA framework for "COnseptualing Secure CArs"
  • Martin Schanzenbach, Christian Grothoff, Hansjürg Wenger and Maximilian Kaul
    Decentralized Identities for Self-sovereign End-users (DISSENS)
  • Johannes Kunke, Stephan Wiefling, Markus Ullmann and Luigi Lo Iacono
    Evaluation of Account Recovery Strategies with FIDO2-based Passwordless Authentication
  • Daniel Fett
    FAPI 2.0: A High-Security Profile for OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Holger Funke and Sebastian Vogt
    How Quantum Computers threat security of eIDs and how post-quantum cryptography can help
  • Andres Chomczyk Penedo
    Self-sovereign identity systems and European data protection regulations
  • Lukas Alber, Stefan More, Sebastian Mödersheim and Anders Schlichtkrull
    Adapting the TPL Trust Policy Language for a Self-Sovereign Identity World
  • Christopher Ruff, Andrea Horch, Wulf Loh, Alexander Orlowski and Benedict Benthien
    DAMA -- transparent meta-assistant for data self-determination in smart environments
  • Dr. Ulrike Korte, Kalinda Shamburger, Tomasz Kusberand and Steffen Schwalm
    Records Management and long-term Preservation of Evidence in DLT
  • Michael Kubach and Rachelle Sellung
    On the Market for Self-Sovereign Identity: Structure and Stakeholders
  • Michael Kubach and Heiko Roßnagel
    A lightweight trust management infrastructure for self-sovereign identity
  • Victor Martinez Jurado, Xavier Vila Pueyo, Michael Kubach, Isaac Henderson Johnson Jeyakumar, Albert Solana and Matteo Marangoni
    Applying assurance levels when issuing and verifying credentials using Trust Frameworks
  • Lothar Fritsch and Nils Gruschka
    Extraction and Accumulation of Identity Attributes from the Internet of Things

Further Conference Contributions

  • Fabien Imbault, Justin Richer and Aaron Parecki
    Managing authorization grants beyond OAuth2
  • Sebastian Kurowski, Fatma Cetin and Rudolf Fischer
    Why should they care? Conceptualizing the challenges of information security training
  • Frank Morgner and Jonas von der Heyden
    Analyzing Requirements for Post Quantum Secure Machine Readable Travel Documents
  • Harshvardhan J. Pandit, Vitor Jesus, Shankar Ammai, Mark Lizar and Salvatore D'Agostino
    Role of Identity, Identification, and Receipts for Consent
  • Vitor Jesus and Joao Paulo Barraca
    Permission and Privacy Challenges in Alternate-Tenant Smart Spaces
  • Carsten Schmidt, Robert Krimmer and Thomas Lampoltshammer
    "When need becomes necessity" -- The Single Digital Gateway Regulation and the Once-Only Principle from a European Point of View